professional styling.

all the work done for you

By ensuring your home looks immaculate and appeals to every buyer, you will get the best results achievable and a fantastic return on your investment.Making your home look welcoming and appealing is a skill that requires attention and detail and we are here to help. Achieve maximum results through home staging today. 

partial styling.

use some of your own pieces 

We can style a single room in your property or combine pieces of your furniture with our style range furniture and accessories to really make your home stand out from its competitors. We offer a personalised service which gives you the freedom to choose whether we style just one room, all you entire property.

hire the style.

pre-styled packages to style 

Packages on offer that gives you the opportunity to hire the furniture and accessories to style your spaces exactly as you see them in our pictures.

Turn the unused junk room into a beautifully styled bedroom, or hire just a single item of furniture to complete a space in the home. Check for new rooms and styles will be added regularly.

style to shoot.

only style the rooms you show

Style to Shoot service makes is easy for any home owner to create a professional look keeping within most budgets. Our talented stylist can liaise with you and your estate agent to determine the best rooms to showcase throughout your campaign. By only selected specific rooms and spaces to style you are able to keep costs down. 

diy home styling.

hire individual pieces

Select from a range of furniture and accessories to style your home for sale. Style within your budget. Indefinite rental periods. Hire the furniture for just 1 day, or for as long as you require

DIY styling offers flexible options for you to style your home for sale. We offer furniture, artwork and prop items to fit out your home and give you the opportunity to style at your own budget.

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